Press Reviews, p. 6 The Wolf Ticket  a novel by Caro Clarke

Booklist (15 May, 1998)
Pascale, a translator in the Women's Army Corps, impulsively rescues a Polish refugee in the waning days of World War II. Witold, the refugee, is wary as a wolf and sometimes scary with a knife. Bound by instant, deep attraction and the fact that Witold knows Pascale knows he is really a woman in disguise, the two spend one precious day together before being separated. Witold is taken to a French refugee camp, and Pascale is ordered elsewhere, but not before she shares her secret with her commanding officer, who arranges hospital quarantine for Witold as an alternative to the men's camp. But a lusty lesbian nurse seduces Witold, who then plots escape to avoid forcible repatriation and to find Pascale. Fast-paced action, finely drawn characters struggling against a backdrop of ravaged Europe, and a gripping portrayal of love in all its forms triumphing against the odds combine in a hard-to-put-down lesbian romance that ought to please mainstream crossover readers, too.
© Whitney Scott (Booklist)

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