Press Reviews, p. 5 The Wolf Ticket  a novel by Caro Clarke

Library Journal (15 May, 1998)
[I won't quote all of this, as it gives away the ending.]
The time and place is immediate postwar Europe. Thousands of displaced persons are unable or unwilling to return home, fearing that their wartime suffering would only be magnified. One of them is Bronia, who has been passing as a man until Pascale, a translator with the U.S. Women's Army Corps, sees through her and is smitten. Pascale's fellow soldiers warm to her when they think she's fallen for a Polish refugee "boy." In her efforts to get Bronia to the States, Pascale is aided by a host of accomplices, all lesbian or gay: a well-known news broadcaster, an upper-class WAC officer, and a nurse. Bronia, who since the age of 17 has known only death and destruction, has to employ her own cunning and charm, winning over and transforming a young French prostitute shunned as a Nazi collaborator. In this romantic tale of love conquering all, Bronia and Pascale are put to one final test.
Clarke's first novel is a tribute to the ingenuity of lovers in desperate circumstances.
© Ina Rimpau, Newark P.L., N.J. (Library Journal)

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