Buy the Book! (Spain) The Wolf Ticket  a novel by Caro Clarke

If you are in the USA, please go here for sources to buy the book. In the UK, I recommend these sources.

If you are in Spain or would like to read the book in Castilian:
La ley del lobo or, in Catalan: La llei del llop
please contact the publishers:

     Ediciones de a Tempestad (Castilian)
     Llibres de l'Index, SL (Catalan)
     c/ Pujades, 6, Local 2
     08018 Barcelona
                    tel: 932 212 641

You can order the book online in Castilian at the Antinous Libreria-Cafe
or at

If you want the Catalan version, please go to:

*I do not have a financial arrangement with any bookshop or distributor.

To order in the UK, go here
To order in the USA, go there

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