About the Book The Wolf Ticket  a novel by Caro Clarke

The Wolf Ticket opens on 1 April 1945, Easter Sunday, somewhere in northern Germany, in the area held by the U.S. Ninth Army. Fighting is still fierce to the east, but the area north of Dusseldorf is in Allied control. An unnamed U.S. army general, having overseen the clean-up of the area (arresting and interrogating Nazi officers, closing concentration camps, collecting information about Nazi war crimes), is now returning to his headquarters in the town of Fontaine, just across the border into France. His train has been waiting at Gultenheim while he has been visiting the commandant of the local U.S. army's displaced persons camp.
   Among his staff, waiting for him on the train, are several U.S. Women's Army Corps units of secretaries and translators. Pascale Tailland is in one of these, and when the novel opens she is waiting for the other Wacs of her platoon to return to their compartment from Easter services held aboard the train.
   Pascale sees a lone refugee on the platform of the station and, impelled by a sudden realisation, rescues 'him' from the certainty of being captured and put in Gultenheim's displaced persons camp, there to await repatriation to Poland.

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